Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Which of these things is not like the other?

Americans’ confidence in News media has dropped since the 1980s. In 1985, 55% thought news got

their facts straight compared to 20% in 2009. In
1989,  36% thought media dealt with all sides fairly compared to 18% in 2009. Yet, all in all, Americans believe that despite problems, with internet availability, and watchdog groups, the truth comes out and that we get a more accurate pictures of what is going on in the world than other people

If this more or less captures you view,  brace yourself.   Reddit has archived all of he magazine covers since 1923, but you don’t have to look at many to get the point but you don't have to go far back to get the point,

In the latest issue of the Time magazine the cover story for Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Asia and South America, focused on Pena Nieto’s attempts to introduce reforms in Mexico. Nieto’s success in Mexico and the investment community is recognized internationally & Mexican bonds have been upgraded (embarassingly close to  US') , His focus is economic and  nationalistic, and he is less willing to confront drug lords  or deport them to US prisons than his predecessors.  This should be of particular interest to Americans. It could effect detention as a means of reducing re-entry of illegals and require changes in methods of securing borders .

Yet, instead of highlighting this article, the Time magazine cover in the US  was about a six year high school geared to minority students with a high success rate of job placement.

In an issue where the Time Magazine Cover page  focused on US debt for the rest of the world  the US focused on things that could go wrong on election day,

US Tim cover focused on the new “silent majority in the US, while the rest of the world focused on why the US  will never save Afghanistan.

These are not factual errors or leaning towards one side more than another. They are deliberate attempts to manipulate Americans into not seeing issues that effect them and that the rest of the world is concerned about.  Bring out the football and happy minority high school grads. Why think about Germany and the Euro? Isn’t the prospect of life without children more interesting? People from other countries might want to read an article about why Gitmo will never close. but Americans?
For an excellent review of Us medias role as a willing political tool that focuses US citizens attentions away from international (and largely negative) reactions to US government policies see
19 Puzzling Differences Between “Time” Magazine U.S. And International Covers

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