Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Obamacare and Iran- One scenario

Two topics in the news Iran and Obamacare, may seem unrelated. That is not the case. Political problems searching for solutions are quote immune to logical connection.

Which brings us back to Iran and Obamacare. In the last week, the president wasn’t having much fun. Every day it seemed, his ratings reached new lows. No ore people to blame, a doomed computer program.  Worse, The program itself isn’t working. Most of the signups are for medicaid.

He didn;t make many appearances and was booed at a couple, the news started talking bout his presidency in the past tense. It’s hard to look or feel presidential under such circumstances and Obama is one guy who needs that sort of adulation.

Go visit a blue state? Not this time. The millions of people who got cancellation notices from insurance they needed that were not Obamacare compliant, spanned rednecks, bolsheviks and anything in between,  Even in bluest of states, people were unhappy.

What’s a president to do? International politics of course! A quick look through the possibilities eliminated Afghanistan (those soldeirs will come home next year no matter what year it is), Syria is over, Syria, Egypt doesn’t like him these days & isn’t likely to and a major breakthrough between Israel and the Palestinians could take centuries. Africa is a mess but it would take too long to invent a problem to solve there,. He needs something fast.

Iran. YES. He did get that Nobel peace prize, after all.  It IS moving but not fast enough, who would have thought that Israel and Saudi Arabia would figure out they had common interests. (unintelligible muttering and best left that way). But it could work with the right combination of theatre, education to France in particular about self interest, and of course flexibility to Iranian demands.

An agreement would have to be written. Of course there would really be no agreement, yet worded properly with  the right amount of vapor around hints of substance [smile]

Would such a president run this idea past trusted advisors? Had he done so , I would envision a positive reception. Even apart from the inconvenience of having  grumpy president in residence, white house advisors tend to be of the socialist- Muslim persuasions , would lilely support a nuclear armed Iran and not be overly concerned about any fallout Israel might get. 

If any genuine concern about the outcome was expressed before Netanyahu  pointed out that ICBMs being manufactured in Iran were not meant for Israel or any other countries in the neighborhood, they would probably have been missed or ignored

The illusion of purpose mobilizes, as it is easy to believe that doing something is always better than doing  nothing - a mistake Americans are especially prone to.

Yet days later, when tired negotiators came home with what they said was an agreement, (there were papers waved)  i seemed that perhaps the President  succeeded,  A day passed.  As far as I can tell American flags  weren’t burned at least not not publicly.

And this  is the connection between the two seemingly unrelated which may prevent your grandchildren from being alive and well enough to indulge in the political speculation we do now. A president needs some good publicity to take his country’s minds off of his botched medical program. He puts together what he knows to be a lousy deal, sugarcoats it, brought it home & sang his own glories.

It didn’t work or so it seems. The effect of news flashes about Iranian peace in our times was more like a station break in a ongoing tale of Obamawoe.

Whether or not sanctions do or so not distract from Obamacare , just as sanctions were beginning to  work in Iran, they will be lifted at  least temporarily. Unless something totally unforeseen intervenes, Iran will get nuclear bombs. so will Saudi Arabia, and likely Egypt.  It will not be long before they are in the hands of terrorists who mightcarry them over a farm-field in Texas and stop to pick up some free medical benefits that could come in handy.  

The Muslim Brotherhood could destroy the US from the inside.  Quite literally.

How Do I Get Back to MY Universe?

                                                                                   Faces come out of the rain
                                                                                   When you're strange                         

                                                                                   No one remembers your name
                                                                                   When you're strange
                                                                                   When you're strange.

      The Doors

If you've been feeling strange lately you're not alone. There are days when there’s so much wrong, it’s hard to pick something to worry about. Things don’t compute, too  bizarre by standards that are supposed to make sense.  TV doesn’t help; the scariest thrillers are boring than reality.

Ever wonder whether you wandered into a parallel dystopian universe, a caricature of the one you once thought you lived in? If we click our heels together three times ( and hold hands) do we get the bill of rights back. I’ll settle for one. The first would be nice, no political correctness, religious freedom for non-muslims, a press that reports the news... dream on huh.

If you ever feel the need to get more upset about what’s going on with this country do thus:  go to internet archives, to this day, a year ago. You will be amazed to see how blithely we accept what would have been unthinkable then.

Imagine  telling someone  a tear ago that you think the government is spying on you   “You actually think people are listening to your telephone calls? Hell you aren’t that important. Next thing you’ll be telling me that your cell phone is recording this conversation.” And who would have taken your complaints about Obamacare seriously “Look if you don’t like the idea of Obamacare, just keep what you have now. You do realize you sound a little bit paranoid when you talk about these death panels. Where do you think we are Nazi Germany?”

What we will accept matter of factly a year from now that at the moment is unthinkable.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Obamacare is Racist

[from a conversation I had in the park]

  It’s true and this ain’t no republican plot. So he’s black so what. Must be his white half is doing it. or maybe he’s a pimp who shits on his own people.

He ain’t never been on welfare. If he was,  he wouldn’t be no president. Six feet under more likely. Especially, seeing as how he done drugs and lived on the streets
in the NYC. God forbid a rat bit him back then and they took him to a hospital, even back then when doctors got more than 29 cents on the dollar. For people on medicaid, infections go out of control. Today, even before this law,  Medicaid folks die twice as much as people with regular insurance. In hospitals.

And which race gets medicaid more than any other. African Americans. That card they give you don’t mean shit, cause there’s precious few doctors who are gonna take it. If you’re one of them new medicaid people, and think you’re lucky cause you don’t need to pay no more, think again. You ain’t gonna have no regular doctor, cause they won’t take medicaid. Are you that dumb? you think if it was worth anything the government would be giving ti to you free?

It’s sure isn’t like they say on TV. If you get sick. I mean real sick, what you gonna do. Call your doctor that you don’t have. Try going to clinic. Maybe you’ll get lucky and die in the waiting room and they can pay to handle your body.

Before you check out, look around you. How many white people do you see?  Next year you’re gonna to see a lot more African Americans, cause the kids can’t find no jobs and even those that have ‘em lost their health insurance.  You got your insurance card but that don’t mean you can see a doctor. Do you have ANY IDEA how many extra people the geniuses who invented this scam are dumping into medicaid in NY. Get this -- any family with less than $30,000 and that’s just on the books money. Now that’s a lot of people. A lot of white people. First I got a little happy seeing as how they would get the same “free” health care I been getting, but then I got scared.

Who do you think them white doctors are going to see first, when there are so many people waiting at the door, he could work a month and  not clear the waiting room? The white folks of course. But it don’t matter, You can’t get worse help than this and insurance ain’t health. I’m gonna give you some advice now, so pay attention. Take Me, I’m too old to make riots. My diabetes stole my eyesite, I kind of wobble when I walk, my feet swell and I need to get dialysis, But think of all them young men who are gonna be here, with no jobs to go to, time on their hands a plenty. They’re gonna get MAD real MAD and they might just start one riot and then another... I ain’t gonna be no slave again, not to some honky redneck and not to some black pimp who wouldn’t see the truth the Good Lord knocked him over the head with it. =

It isn’t too late to stop this law cause it’s racist and white folks in the government won;t have nobody calling them that. If you mess with a black person you could go to jail like that Spanish guy almost did.  It’s the law of the land. Better watch what you say, what you do.

Now how would it look if the first black president made a law against his own, in the light of day? If a black prsdent pushed a law through that  will surely kill more of his own  than any lynch mob ever did, how would that look? Obamacare has to die. NOW,

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Man Who Would Be King

There was one promise he kept. that he would CHANGE America. Depend on him to continue doing that and to never stop until he remakes our country into whatever he wants it to be or until someone stops him “Tea Party Shmee Party.” Take a look around you. Do you see anybody stopping him?

You notice? SHHHHH. Don’t tell anybody that in reality he is the great and powerful OZ,  the man behind the curtain who most can’t see because a generation of schooling has robbed them of the basic human critical thinking they would need to see that he is a mealy mouthed coward hiding behind a curtain, as his unquestioning vassals and self righteous minions, proclaim that any deviation from perfection is your fault, my fault, Bush’s faults, and he didn’t have known about it anyway. His countless worshippers stand ready to hurl themselves under buses for him knowing that Gaia is on their side and they do their holy duty by standing up for him, even when things seem more than a little weird.  The ends justify the means. The messianic era is just around the corner and Obama is taking us there. 

If the ends justify the means, his somewhat off the wall tactics make sense.   It’s only because he wants to give us a better life that he takes us for idiots [oddly democrats in particular.] HIS journalists willingly embrace their mission as his public relations champions and in erudite prose  brand, ostracize, and vilify those who dare to disagree with his path towards nirvana. They have mastered the art of convincingly portraying enemies, as lunatics, racists, benighted troublemakers whose idiocy blinds them to the truth ( which next time will be solved through better communication. )  But right now the enemy must be , neutralized, eradicated, or rendered invisible to the masses,  and like armies of falcons, they descend on those who threaten his imperial majesty, turn them into fools, & pernicious madmen who have the credibility of a microbe. 

He can sleep well at night, or play golf on vacations, knowing that criticisms and scandals fade quickly. After all they always have.  He can transfer guns to Muslims over the Mexican border, just as easily as in Libya. So what if they complain. They won’t stop him the next time. He can continue transferring guns to Muslims brotherhood in Libya, & cover up the damage by removing the human evidence. Sure congress and a few parents will get pissed but that sort of thing never goes anywhere, Besides,  once he throws the next zinger at them,  they won’t have time. As planned, each step towards perfection will be more extreme than than the one before.

Money is never an object. One billion dollars to his muslim brotherhood, Egyptian pals. Why not spend an trillion dollars more than any President did? Complaints will never amount to more than that. [The news will help there]  Promises he makes can be broken, failures can always be blamed on those nincompoops in congress, whose vitriolic racism prevents them from doing the right thing and “working with him.”

Why not use his executive privilege to pass legislation, He can always claim he had no choice, and people actually believe him. His gift, what got him elected in the first place is his ability  say just about anything
(absurd, trivial, impossible) with a fierce passion seems to exude utter sincerity, He can look you in eye, even through the TV set, talk about how hard he tried to work with them and had no choice and it all seems to make sense,  He can depend on his journalists to blame it on Bush, the conservatives, the do-nothing congress, and if necessary lowly infiltrators in his own administration who tried to twist his principles and who will be dealt with as soon as he gets to te bottom it . He , of course wants justice as you do, and in case  all this put you in a lousy mood, he feels your pain.

If the sh** is in danger of hitting the fan, there is aways the plethora of personal information about anybody and everybody that can come n handy.  A soldier misconstrues his mission as loyalty to country rather than president, there is always something, a married man’s girlfriend.
That very odd deduction on his income tax, the child he never mentioned. If there isn’t anything, , creativity and repetition work just as well.

God bless the geniuses who taught children to not think and what to believe. Of course they could have done a better job if the campaign had been coordinated consist and identical across the country. But Common core will solve that.  A generation from now, the emperor, oops president will have an easier job.

What was that thing he swore to defend when they crowned him? Ah yes, the constitution, The closest thing to a bible Americans have. Reading it he found it to be dangerous and incompatible with his goals and in best diaper baby tradition, began eliminate them slowly imperceptibly, with slogans, new words, old words with new meanings repeated, until accepted. When the new normal is taken for granted and the time is ripe for unveiling.

He deserves kudos for accomplishing what less than a decade ago people would have thought impossible - breaking every amendment in the bill of rights. Free speech went out with political correctness, free press is beyond comprehension, and freedom of religion, is available only to Muslims. The press have no desire to be free and besides big brother is watching. 

Guns are still legal, but a campaign against cookies shaped like guns, lone armed terrorists, arrests (even in Texas), those little armies he gave to to the department of agriculture, and the bureau tobacco and firearms are handy. True brilliance was the way he shifted the definition of terrorist, from Muslim jihadist to the lone American citizen terrorist. 

National security is such a wonderful word. Once a national security problem is declared despicable actions can legally be secret  National security gives homeland security and all sorts of others the right to stop and detain anyone with no reason or due process, National security, gives him a way to disappear people, charge them, torture them -- no phone calls, no reading rights, no judge. National security gives him the right no obligation to put the military in charge of American cities when there was no war, to search houses without a warrant. In case you thought there was any hope check this out on the internet while you are still allowed to use it. You and most Americans are in a constitution free zone, so for most of you these supposed rights don’t apply anywhere.

He’s not an idiot, mind you. He expects and even wants people to get angry when they learn about intrusions into lives --   like the IRS is after his enemies and it pays to not be one of them. People should be furious. But then time passes,. The world series is more interesting, and they forget and without realizing accept.  They get angry when their insurance disappears (especially if they have deadly diseases) when the healthcare website doesn’t work, when they find out how expensive affordability can be, and that’s  just the beginning. Strange isn’t it, the one thing they aren’t complaining about is that the power of  life and death is now in the hands of the IRS.

Stop fighting the inevitable. Do you see any hunger strikes in Washington People are dying for lack of  cancer treatments ; they have nothing to lose but they aren’t the threat they could be if they launched hunger strikes in Washington and other places.  He knows they won’t. They sink even lower; reality changed again; depression and powerlessness  replaced hope. Face it; your fate is no better. Enjoy the moment. Stop thinking. Accept the inevitable. Resistance is futile.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Obamamess - The only solution that won't happen

     There;s only one solution
     We all know what it is,
     Too bad it's such a long shot

There is only one solution to the mess that this country is in because of Obamacare-- repeal it. The president’s patches and those in congress, the senate, de will fail. Who in their right mind would think that giving a insurance company PERMISSION or A PROMISE NOT TO PROSECUTE would have any effect?  Why would a business insure customers  at a enormous loss when they don't have to?

The permanent bi-partisan fusion party wants us to believe patches wrk, to  play us for idiots so they can  say they tried, do nothing, get our votes, take the few rights we have left, and charge us more.  They argue amongst themselves about which band aid is better, when the problem is way beyond band aids, or surgery or anything.

However well intentioned, this particular legislation, does not give care to those who need it. Not when employers all over the country have already cut hours to avoid offering insurance, when teaching hospitals and the best doctors  refuse to participate, when doctor severe doctor shortages are a certainty (esp. for Medicaid and when FDA approved drugs are not all covered -- cancer drugs fall into this category.

Premiums may be tolerable for those who receive subsidies, but most people are unaware of how much Obamacare will cost after premiums, or that deductibles for Silver and bronze plans are higher than most catastrophic plans. (Gold plan customers pay more or less the same amount in higher premiums) Even after the deductibles are met, an individual is responsible for a percentage of all medical care (30% for silver) until spending AFTER PREMIUMS is 7,000. Add premiums and co-insurance and it should not come as a surprise that a family spends more on this exchange" than in the private marketplace.

What does happen if you can’t pay. Remember which arm of government is in charge. The IRS. The Supreme Court limited IRS power only when it comes to collecting fines for not participating. Anything else is fair game. If you don’t ay a premium, if you are rushed to a emergency room and can’t afford the hundreds of dollars or the tens of thousands of dollars you could owe if god forbid you had an operation, should you expect a lien on your property, will your bank account depleted.

There comes a time to say. THIS IS NOT WORKING - The date doesn’t matter, the time frame doesn’t matter, the race of the president doesn’t matter, and the party doesn’t matter. Even good intentions don’t matter  because this particular law decreases the quality of healthcare and increases its‘ costs. Fixes like ALLOWING insurance companies to offer discontinued programs temporarily are absurd, and will fix nothing. What insurance company, would choose to re-insure high loss patients when it doesn’t have to,  based on a promise that could change at any time.

This law should be repealed and the legislature should settle for nothing less. Contrary to popular belief it IS possible to admit a mistake that everyone knows is there, to go back to the drawing board and give Americans what they deserve rather than ram a disaster down their throats.

It would take a government of principled men and women of principle loyal to their country with a mission to represent their electorate.  How sad that this sounds like a naive pipe dream.

Lessons from a liberal: How to use ridicule to undermine and belittle your opponents

The writer of this article, which appears as an article in an on-line publication called Medical Daily* gives an excellent example of how liberals use ridicule to discredit conservatives. Below the belt attacks like this fill the media every day, repeated until accepted as fact. Playing dirty works.  and responding to this drivel with logic (as Conservatives often do) only weakens your position by giving your opponent more ammunition to use against you.

The article “Texas Congressman Attacks Obamacare's Expansion Of Ready Reserve Health Force” makes no attempt to hide a bias. The content of the article is much less interesting than the tactics the writer uses to undermine Conservative opponents of Obamacare,  While the speech Senator Gohmert of Texas made about Obamacare  Note that the content has very little to do with the event. Senator Gohmert’s speech is a jumping off point,  an opportunity for a liberal attack on conservatives.  With slight modification, the same piece could be used against any “extreme” conservative action. Re-usable politico-babble is an efficient. and necessary tool. increasing repetition. The more you say something the truer it becomes in peoples’ minds

Note the absence of fact, the nasty innuendos, explicit and implicit. Note how insults are directed at people ( obviously  paranoid maniacs to think that there is any risk of armed enforcers) and not ideas.  ( How petty of Gohmert to object to the omission of one word when the law has 234,814 words)  (Ok the word wasn’t and or the but the word health as a modifier to armed presence. Obviously a typo!)  Note the illusion of fact  the exact word count gives while completely dodging the issue.

Using tactics like this go against the grain of many conservatives who  reject the suggestion that we stoop to “their level” Big mistake. If you are fighting and aim to win, you use tactics that work rather than withdrawing to some perceived moral high ground. When conservatives hurl invectives as effortlessly as liberal editorial writers, the playing field will change.