Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Cowboy and the Federales

" No I will not stop my animals from grazing on "Federal property" my family had before the bureau existed.

Clivan Bundy of Nevada said no to the Bureau of Land Management as they were rounding up his cattle. Not an unusual scene in the US these days of 'government overeach.' The BLS then noticed that over one hundred armed militia from surrounding states were there pointing guns at them and retreated.

 The media calls the people put their lives in the line to protect freedom  "redneck hating anti-militia people" and the other usual epithets. Old story. Isn't there anything we can do?

Ahh wait I have it1 Send the Feds to the folks that like them - Democrats 

Anti-militia people who  live in places like NY and California,  love  big government,  know that tortoises are more important than people and if that means not using millions of acres of land, well to bad . They live in righteous terror. What the world is coming to when any jerk can just buy a gun. Guns  need to handled only by trained professionals like police and soldiers and swat teams, and the Bureau of Land Management and Homeland Security.  Since they sneer at people who take a stand against thugs who wear uniforms and  since Nevada ranchers and  their friends obviously don't like the Feds  why not send the Feds to them instead?

  I'm sure folks in NY or California would  welcome the BLM with open arms . Imagine the their  joy as they watched the feds  gobble up their land, tell them what flowers they can't plant {to protect endangered plant species} where they can't go [ rare species of ants they might step on], ], where they can't build telephone poles [ dangerous bird proliferation] And that's just the beginning. Perhaps Manhattan north of 23rd Street could become a wildlife preserve. Most of the Bronx and Westchester are wetlands that need to be protected, and thousands of beachfront acres in the Hamptons and Martha's Vineyard would have to be expropriated to protect the nearly extinct Periwinkle. Some minor inconveniences well worth it.  Think of how secure they'd feel knowing that  government is expanding its power only to  do what's best for them and protecting them from us.

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