Thursday, January 23, 2014

Anybody want to do something about it?

All sorts of organizations call me for money. Now  I don't care how good the cause is. I don't give money. I used to. If someone managed to play my emotions well enough, not because I am a female canine (not sure what censorship policies exist here in the political correct) but because I have a litmus test.

In most cases I can spot a sales call in the first three words and hang up. There's that roboto-speech if you know what I mean. Robots, on the other hand have mastered the art of sounding human so well that I found myself chatting with one last week. I have this high IQ and did eventually foure out that he was a recording.

Back to the litmus test which is based in this premise. Most people are inflexible and lazy. If they call for money and I offer something of far greater value they will reject it. This will be true even when I am not speaking to a telemarketing firm based in India.

So last week, the Heritage think tank called me. for some money. Whatever I could spare. As usual, we are at a "critical juncture" , democracy is at stake, the country, the socialists are turning the universities into a Marxist ideology breeding ground on our tax dollars. Aha, something I could bite my teeth into.

After relishing a moment of visualizing me as Buffy wandering around Washington, in my invisible suit, teeth gleaming,  I decided to respond. No great hopes. It's amazing. The things people will say for 15 bucks. Just because they're on your side don't be an idiot and believe them. Trust and verify.

So I wrote a letter, Told them they were brilliant. An that I do that. (I do). We have a GREAT opportunity right now because Universities are failing, the Millenials don't feel like being indentured servants to government crooks fir the rest of their lives, and the time is now for a different kind of college/University. We could be teaching libertarianism, free market capitalism, organizing experimental communities, free speech, critical thought. What balance of powers is. Federal vs. State powers etc. I pointed to specific programs we could join with and how we could and asked if anyone had thought of it and what their stance on "higher education was".

I got no letter but I did get an invitation to a weekly meeting of sentinels the grass roots arm of the organization apparently. These are the people who lobby republican congress people to behave like republican congress people. Up on the agenda this week: Do not extend the unemployment benefits because this sort of thing 'never works' and we have a budget deficit. I will grant that most likely encouraging long term unemployment is a lousy way to get people working again but without a cent and without articulating why this is a lousy idea and pretending it will have an effect on the budget is silly. Next up is immigration. Focus. It's important to NOT have any discussion of immigration because then then congress will go to committee and they will pass the dream act. I was getting worried. Outside of government, the country thinks the dream act has been passed. Hasn't it? Kids get social security numbers, medicaid, low cost tuitions? How are they not citizens? How about talking about this. No immigration legislation by presidential degree. Secure the borders and then we'll talk.

I hadn't read the news for a few weeks. Too depressing perhaps. What a bunch of WIMPS. Nobody talks about Obamacare anymore. One more "feature" of the new normal.
To end the conference call issues were poorly explained, nothing organized, no talking points, no prioritization. Last question was Do you think the Republicans will take both houses in November?

It wasn't just the lack of conviction by an organization that is one of the best hopes in the country or so I thought. It was the blase manner, as if unemployment benefits and winning the vote in November are equally important or maybe as if it doesn't matter.

Have you noticed that so many of the folks that used to launch battle cries are writing books-- Glenn Reynolds, Charles Krauthmauer, Mark Levin.  What the country does not need is one more conservative book or radio show. Yoo Hoo... Anybody out there?  Don't all answer at once....Helllo...eloooo..loooo...oooooo...

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