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If there are hate crimes, they are all created equal

I never thought they would be implemented as equal. I have yet to find a case where more regulations solve problems caused by failure to enforce prior regulations. Government, and change, are by nature slow, and when pushed to quickly nothing good happens. But ,most unfortunately, nobody has asked me how to run the country. The courts rules that hate crimes are recognized as crimes whose motivation earns extra added punishment.

The FBI, monitors hate crimes annually based on police reports. Decisions are very ambiguous and politically vulnerable to the "right answer" from the":top brass." who make it clear that African Americans should emerge as victims and not perpetrators of hate crimes. Nevertheless, the group who are most often victims of hate crimes relative to their presence in the population are Jews. The difference between hate crimes against Jews and hate crimes against any other group is almost unbelievable. If Jews are defined as other religions are (based on self report-- are you Jewish), thgere are @ 3MM Jews in the Us and hate  crimes against Jews are 12 to 1 their fair share in the population. This is in sharp contrast to Muslims. If Jews are defined racially (either birthparent Jewish, the odds are 7 to 1.

There is no other group that remotely approaches this level. Crimes against Africam Americans are higher than the national average .    Crimes against Musims account for      for all the crimes against religiouns. The number of muslims in this country is very doffoicult to determine and based on.. if higher are minimal, Crimes against Christains are higher and on the rise. Not issues in the FBIO reports are crimes of blacks against whites, specifically .  Crimes are chilling as groups involved are games    . Crimes by police against citizens are also unrecorded but are on the rise

The FBU has been reporting hate crimes for x years, The findings  re Jews have been the same, and although there has been a change in favored minorities insofar as as homosexuals, lesbians, transvestites, in all cases, Jews, have been consistently been the victims of hate crimes, no decrease has been noted as with blacks and no efforts to do anything about this have been done.

The FBI in discussing religious discrimination, failed to normalize hate crimes against the number Jews and more important failed to conclude that anything should be done about it. Each year the conclusion was the same, We must redouble our efforts to eliminate any vestige of hate against African Americans.

Hate speech is not illegal and for the most part when cases are brought to court, courts rule in favor of free speech. Yet the vast majority of Universities including state universities funded by tax dollars have rules about what students may and may not say.

The rationale behind this practice raises questions about whether Universities educate or even aim to educate.  Push politics aside completely for a moment and think about Universities as they were a few hundred years ago or if that isn't far back enough try Ancient Greece. Wasn't the purpose of
education, the way Socrates taught it to examine any and all ideas through the lens of Aren't Universities precisely the place where all ideas are game?

Words.. words... which brings us back to today. Unless you are crying fire in a crowded theatre sticks and stones break my bones, words don't hurt, not unless they are followed by actions. Do they?
Maybe, sometimes. Are people who speak hatred, more likely to act hatefully. probably. What would Socrates have said. Something like: Put your faith in reason and in the University as the place, perhaps the only place where reason is free to flourish without interference from the realities if later existence. Let all state there views and subject them to the test of reason and not fear the results. It is not our job to rule reason, but to use it as a most precious tool with which to find truth. There are many in the world who will try to rule reason- politicians, men that seek power, and philosophers whose fears overwhelm their courage. The search for truth demands courage and is not the vocation of every man.

In a true University if there were one, a modern day confederate and a liberal would have a conversation made possible because of the common set of rules of discourse they shares. A socialist and a capitalist and everything in between would speak, the size of government could be discussed, the impact of insults on people and groups would be discussed studied measured without pre-conception. Contrary points of view would be welcome because they bring us closer to our own truths. Emotions would be muted, questions would outnumber answers. The institutions that are called Universities today to not earn the name. In my own field, social psychology, a witch hunt to prove that republican personalities are inferior to democratic personalities is underway , papers published in peer reviewed journals. There is even  study showing neurological differences. The one shocker to the democratic researchers that republicans are better at math and science is never referenced. This is not a desire to learn.

Perhaps a University is a pipe dream. Perhaps it is much too late to be in speaking terms. If that is true, what are the odds that these hate speech codes will be enforced equally. Of course they won't everybody is a member of some group. If people for some reason now have a right to not be insulted, unless nobody insults anybody, people are constantly discriminating against other people. Some of the codes are in fact so broad that students self censor because they have no idea what could qualify.

Example from the University of Buffalo:

     " Students are expected to act with civility.  To be civil means to be courteous and polite or, simply put, to be mannerly.  Acts of incivility—whether verbal, written, or physical—will not be tolerated by the Residential Life community…Hostile or inappropriate language or gestures, words that penetrate and hurt, words that destroy relationships rather than sustain them, or physical aggression in any form are not welcome in our university or residence hall community."

The basic ones are:

    " “stereotyping, negative comments or jokes, explicit threats, segregation, and verbal or physical assault when any of these are based upon a person’s race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation.”  

In reality and not surprisingly enforcement bears no relation to even the second statement below. In actuality relative to their numbers experience many more hate crimes than any other group including blacks. The level of hate crimes were @ 30% higher for blacks  but  based on the lowest estimate 7:1 meaning 700% as high as their presence in their presence in the population. These data are not taken from a study conducted by some Jewish organization but from the  annual FBI hate crime statistics report which does note that Jews are not Muslims are the religious group that is targeted for discrimination. 

These numbers are alarming, Yet there is every reason to believe that they are understated and that they are being ignored deliberately and that this policy is supported by the white house. The difficulty or coming up with a definite figure depends on who one classifies as a Jew. If this is based on church membership of self report. (answers to questions like what is your religion), there are less than 3 million Jewish Americans with a decreasing number. If one uses Jewish parentage and includes people who explicitly say they are not Jewish or say they are Catholic or some other religion, there are approxiomately 5 million. Jews, possibly due to fear of extinction tend to gravitate to higher numbers. Using the 3 Million Jews figure of 12:1 or 1200%. The figure does not change from year to year, does not include hate crimes on campus where Jews are victims, but dies where Jews are perpetrators, according to police interviewed they are pressured to not classify crimes against Jews as hate  crimes especially when they are committed by groups of black teens, In general, knockout games are under-reorted as more examples were filmed than reported.

It gets worse. Universities sanction this behavior and only retract when the media picks up a story and embarasses them as it did when.

 Jewish students on campuses have been  threatened for peacefully demonstrating their support of Israel. Rallies interrupted with shouts if sig heil. Events demonize the Jews and glorify their murderers under a thin veneer of anti-Israel and University administrators. Given the strong tie between Obama and the Muslim brotherhood, Obama's failure to act on this issue does ot come as a shock. When a letter was sent to complaint that had accused a California state university of allowing a hostile environment for Jewish students to exist on campus, the education department’s Office for Civil Rights wrote:

    “In the university environment, exposure to such robust and discordant expressions, even when personally offensive and hurtful, is a circumstance that a reasonable student in higher education may experience. In this context, the events that the complainants described do not constitute actionable harassment.”

The mildest critique of a Muslim is Islamophobia, while threats against Jews are not actionable harassment. This double standard encourages more and bolder anti-semitism. The anti-defamation league found that 40% of Jewish students in a study of 1400 Jewish students were aware of anti-semitism on their campus

Actions against Jews Universities are not limited to speech. They include physical violence.  promoted by well funded Muslim organizations associated with the Muslim brotherhood such as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the which unlike bad worlds against "protected minorities" is ignored by University personnel and the Muslim Student Association. Jewish students on campus have been physically attacked for demonstrating support for Israel.  A young woman stood near a setup with a fake wall and machine guns in exhibit blaming Jews/Israel for apartheid holding a sign saying "Israel wants peace" One of the people from the exhibit rammed a shopping cart at her so forcefully, she had to be taken to the hospital

This is not limited to Berkley. SJP has organized a pattern of events at a growing number of Universities , setting up mock checkpoints, asking students passing by what their religious affiliation is and intimidating the Jewish students

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