Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why my own party makes my blood boil

Is this not incredible? Wendy Davis could actually win the Texas gubernatorial race. Not because she has the credentials. Not because she is widely respective, or represents Texans, who have a very low tolerance level for self promoters who ridicule people in wheelchairs. Who would have ever thought that that Texas pride, gumption to the point of insolence in the 'whole other country' could morph into fear at the power of the democratic "machine". Said a staunch republican pundit yesterday. We can't rest on our laurals. She may not represent the state. But the Obamama, Democratic, machine is powerful. We have nothing like it.

This talk is infuriating. Why did Romney lose the election? Why is the senate democratic, why is there even a remote change the republicans could lose it AGAIN, when every survey shows averge Americans leaning 7 points towards republicans. Why do even our strongest supporters like Glenn Reynolds say "They don't call it the stupid party for nothing.

At the Red State Conference, I suggested that we will never win, until we adopt the tactics of our opponents. I don't know whether the responses whether the reactions were sad or alarming. "But then we would be stooping to their level... WHATTTTTT??????  These are the leaders, the people who are going to bring about social change? How? By maintaining the Moral high ground???

They are very nice people. They are principled, devoted, and unwilling to compromise. They also have no idea, not are they being told that politics is a dirty business, that winning and principles are not the same things, that winning means getting dirty and doing dirty, fighting dirty, knowing your enemy and winning on the battlefield.  The last presidential election was proof
   "A lousy platform and a good vote machine can win"
   "A god platform and an ineffective vote machine looses"

We will lose and lose and lose until we start fighting the war with the right tactics. Polls are useless when actual votes have another major component. The voting "machine" the democrats have is not "magic," We can have the same. If we dedicate ourselves to this. If we do it ourselves [ and not hire a bunch of consultants we don't know]. If we man polling places, have hackers, etc etc. None of this is difficult. Republicans ignore it. That is idiotic and infuriating.

This is not new technology. I and many others have build large databases, used them to predict models predicting product loyalty, incluencability, odds of success and methids/ approach likelt to succed. Updating databases online,is an old technology using hierrchies by zip codes to direct activities of  service reps was done 25 years ago. Database speed and size is known, as is methods of testing  backups, and in critical sitiation, live runs, and backups to backups. In Politics one criticl decision is when do you stop convincing people (a) and start getting out the vote (b). This also can be calculated and used to use staff.. The greater the staff, The greater the odds of winning,

I am less angry at Democrats than I am republicans for being naive idiots, and even more anbry at tea party members and the red state, the Heritge foundation and the Cato foundation who have no excuse for behaving in such an idiotic fashion. For analyzing what Substantantive, communicative or
other essential characteristic Republicans do not have and treating Democratic criticisms with all the seriousness they do not deserve. Letting your opponent set the agenda is always a lousy strategy,

Imagine , if, Romney, instead of graciously, conceding to Obama, and kvetching for poor Ann who would have made such a wonderful first lady, instead of sayong we put up a goiod fight and he wo n fair and square, leaving the stage with his tail between his legs,

Imagine if he said. I do not condede. He did not win. This fraud is a travesty that puts a democracy to shame. In x county and Y county 125% if the population voted. I did not spend years running for president to leave Americans in a banana republic.

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