Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Obamacare and Iran- One scenario

Two topics in the news Iran and Obamacare, may seem unrelated. That is not the case. Political problems searching for solutions are quote immune to logical connection.

Which brings us back to Iran and Obamacare. In the last week, the president wasn’t having much fun. Every day it seemed, his ratings reached new lows. No ore people to blame, a doomed computer program.  Worse, The program itself isn’t working. Most of the signups are for medicaid.

He didn;t make many appearances and was booed at a couple, the news started talking bout his presidency in the past tense. It’s hard to look or feel presidential under such circumstances and Obama is one guy who needs that sort of adulation.

Go visit a blue state? Not this time. The millions of people who got cancellation notices from insurance they needed that were not Obamacare compliant, spanned rednecks, bolsheviks and anything in between,  Even in bluest of states, people were unhappy.

What’s a president to do? International politics of course! A quick look through the possibilities eliminated Afghanistan (those soldeirs will come home next year no matter what year it is), Syria is over, Syria, Egypt doesn’t like him these days & isn’t likely to and a major breakthrough between Israel and the Palestinians could take centuries. Africa is a mess but it would take too long to invent a problem to solve there,. He needs something fast.

Iran. YES. He did get that Nobel peace prize, after all.  It IS moving but not fast enough, who would have thought that Israel and Saudi Arabia would figure out they had common interests. (unintelligible muttering and best left that way). But it could work with the right combination of theatre, education to France in particular about self interest, and of course flexibility to Iranian demands.

An agreement would have to be written. Of course there would really be no agreement, yet worded properly with  the right amount of vapor around hints of substance [smile]

Would such a president run this idea past trusted advisors? Had he done so , I would envision a positive reception. Even apart from the inconvenience of having  grumpy president in residence, white house advisors tend to be of the socialist- Muslim persuasions , would lilely support a nuclear armed Iran and not be overly concerned about any fallout Israel might get. 

If any genuine concern about the outcome was expressed before Netanyahu  pointed out that ICBMs being manufactured in Iran were not meant for Israel or any other countries in the neighborhood, they would probably have been missed or ignored

The illusion of purpose mobilizes, as it is easy to believe that doing something is always better than doing  nothing - a mistake Americans are especially prone to.

Yet days later, when tired negotiators came home with what they said was an agreement, (there were papers waved)  i seemed that perhaps the President  succeeded,  A day passed.  As far as I can tell American flags  weren’t burned at least not not publicly.

And this  is the connection between the two seemingly unrelated which may prevent your grandchildren from being alive and well enough to indulge in the political speculation we do now. A president needs some good publicity to take his country’s minds off of his botched medical program. He puts together what he knows to be a lousy deal, sugarcoats it, brought it home & sang his own glories.

It didn’t work or so it seems. The effect of news flashes about Iranian peace in our times was more like a station break in a ongoing tale of Obamawoe.

Whether or not sanctions do or so not distract from Obamacare , just as sanctions were beginning to  work in Iran, they will be lifted at  least temporarily. Unless something totally unforeseen intervenes, Iran will get nuclear bombs. so will Saudi Arabia, and likely Egypt.  It will not be long before they are in the hands of terrorists who mightcarry them over a farm-field in Texas and stop to pick up some free medical benefits that could come in handy.  

The Muslim Brotherhood could destroy the US from the inside.  Quite literally.

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