Sunday, November 17, 2013

Obamamess - The only solution that won't happen

     There;s only one solution
     We all know what it is,
     Too bad it's such a long shot

There is only one solution to the mess that this country is in because of Obamacare-- repeal it. The president’s patches and those in congress, the senate, de will fail. Who in their right mind would think that giving a insurance company PERMISSION or A PROMISE NOT TO PROSECUTE would have any effect?  Why would a business insure customers  at a enormous loss when they don't have to?

The permanent bi-partisan fusion party wants us to believe patches wrk, to  play us for idiots so they can  say they tried, do nothing, get our votes, take the few rights we have left, and charge us more.  They argue amongst themselves about which band aid is better, when the problem is way beyond band aids, or surgery or anything.

However well intentioned, this particular legislation, does not give care to those who need it. Not when employers all over the country have already cut hours to avoid offering insurance, when teaching hospitals and the best doctors  refuse to participate, when doctor severe doctor shortages are a certainty (esp. for Medicaid and when FDA approved drugs are not all covered -- cancer drugs fall into this category.

Premiums may be tolerable for those who receive subsidies, but most people are unaware of how much Obamacare will cost after premiums, or that deductibles for Silver and bronze plans are higher than most catastrophic plans. (Gold plan customers pay more or less the same amount in higher premiums) Even after the deductibles are met, an individual is responsible for a percentage of all medical care (30% for silver) until spending AFTER PREMIUMS is 7,000. Add premiums and co-insurance and it should not come as a surprise that a family spends more on this exchange" than in the private marketplace.

What does happen if you can’t pay. Remember which arm of government is in charge. The IRS. The Supreme Court limited IRS power only when it comes to collecting fines for not participating. Anything else is fair game. If you don’t ay a premium, if you are rushed to a emergency room and can’t afford the hundreds of dollars or the tens of thousands of dollars you could owe if god forbid you had an operation, should you expect a lien on your property, will your bank account depleted.

There comes a time to say. THIS IS NOT WORKING - The date doesn’t matter, the time frame doesn’t matter, the race of the president doesn’t matter, and the party doesn’t matter. Even good intentions don’t matter  because this particular law decreases the quality of healthcare and increases its‘ costs. Fixes like ALLOWING insurance companies to offer discontinued programs temporarily are absurd, and will fix nothing. What insurance company, would choose to re-insure high loss patients when it doesn’t have to,  based on a promise that could change at any time.

This law should be repealed and the legislature should settle for nothing less. Contrary to popular belief it IS possible to admit a mistake that everyone knows is there, to go back to the drawing board and give Americans what they deserve rather than ram a disaster down their throats.

It would take a government of principled men and women of principle loyal to their country with a mission to represent their electorate.  How sad that this sounds like a naive pipe dream.

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