Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lessons from a liberal: How to use ridicule to undermine and belittle your opponents

The writer of this article, which appears as an article in an on-line publication called Medical Daily* gives an excellent example of how liberals use ridicule to discredit conservatives. Below the belt attacks like this fill the media every day, repeated until accepted as fact. Playing dirty works.  and responding to this drivel with logic (as Conservatives often do) only weakens your position by giving your opponent more ammunition to use against you.

The article “Texas Congressman Attacks Obamacare's Expansion Of Ready Reserve Health Force” makes no attempt to hide a bias. The content of the article is much less interesting than the tactics the writer uses to undermine Conservative opponents of Obamacare,  While the speech Senator Gohmert of Texas made about Obamacare  Note that the content has very little to do with the event. Senator Gohmert’s speech is a jumping off point,  an opportunity for a liberal attack on conservatives.  With slight modification, the same piece could be used against any “extreme” conservative action. Re-usable politico-babble is an efficient. and necessary tool. increasing repetition. The more you say something the truer it becomes in peoples’ minds

Note the absence of fact, the nasty innuendos, explicit and implicit. Note how insults are directed at people ( obviously  paranoid maniacs to think that there is any risk of armed enforcers) and not ideas.  ( How petty of Gohmert to object to the omission of one word when the law has 234,814 words)  (Ok the word wasn’t and or the but the word health as a modifier to armed presence. Obviously a typo!)  Note the illusion of fact  the exact word count gives while completely dodging the issue.

Using tactics like this go against the grain of many conservatives who  reject the suggestion that we stoop to “their level” Big mistake. If you are fighting and aim to win, you use tactics that work rather than withdrawing to some perceived moral high ground. When conservatives hurl invectives as effortlessly as liberal editorial writers, the playing field will change.

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