Friday, November 22, 2013

The Man Who Would Be King

There was one promise he kept. that he would CHANGE America. Depend on him to continue doing that and to never stop until he remakes our country into whatever he wants it to be or until someone stops him “Tea Party Shmee Party.” Take a look around you. Do you see anybody stopping him?

You notice? SHHHHH. Don’t tell anybody that in reality he is the great and powerful OZ,  the man behind the curtain who most can’t see because a generation of schooling has robbed them of the basic human critical thinking they would need to see that he is a mealy mouthed coward hiding behind a curtain, as his unquestioning vassals and self righteous minions, proclaim that any deviation from perfection is your fault, my fault, Bush’s faults, and he didn’t have known about it anyway. His countless worshippers stand ready to hurl themselves under buses for him knowing that Gaia is on their side and they do their holy duty by standing up for him, even when things seem more than a little weird.  The ends justify the means. The messianic era is just around the corner and Obama is taking us there. 

If the ends justify the means, his somewhat off the wall tactics make sense.   It’s only because he wants to give us a better life that he takes us for idiots [oddly democrats in particular.] HIS journalists willingly embrace their mission as his public relations champions and in erudite prose  brand, ostracize, and vilify those who dare to disagree with his path towards nirvana. They have mastered the art of convincingly portraying enemies, as lunatics, racists, benighted troublemakers whose idiocy blinds them to the truth ( which next time will be solved through better communication. )  But right now the enemy must be , neutralized, eradicated, or rendered invisible to the masses,  and like armies of falcons, they descend on those who threaten his imperial majesty, turn them into fools, & pernicious madmen who have the credibility of a microbe. 

He can sleep well at night, or play golf on vacations, knowing that criticisms and scandals fade quickly. After all they always have.  He can transfer guns to Muslims over the Mexican border, just as easily as in Libya. So what if they complain. They won’t stop him the next time. He can continue transferring guns to Muslims brotherhood in Libya, & cover up the damage by removing the human evidence. Sure congress and a few parents will get pissed but that sort of thing never goes anywhere, Besides,  once he throws the next zinger at them,  they won’t have time. As planned, each step towards perfection will be more extreme than than the one before.

Money is never an object. One billion dollars to his muslim brotherhood, Egyptian pals. Why not spend an trillion dollars more than any President did? Complaints will never amount to more than that. [The news will help there]  Promises he makes can be broken, failures can always be blamed on those nincompoops in congress, whose vitriolic racism prevents them from doing the right thing and “working with him.”

Why not use his executive privilege to pass legislation, He can always claim he had no choice, and people actually believe him. His gift, what got him elected in the first place is his ability  say just about anything
(absurd, trivial, impossible) with a fierce passion seems to exude utter sincerity, He can look you in eye, even through the TV set, talk about how hard he tried to work with them and had no choice and it all seems to make sense,  He can depend on his journalists to blame it on Bush, the conservatives, the do-nothing congress, and if necessary lowly infiltrators in his own administration who tried to twist his principles and who will be dealt with as soon as he gets to te bottom it . He , of course wants justice as you do, and in case  all this put you in a lousy mood, he feels your pain.

If the sh** is in danger of hitting the fan, there is aways the plethora of personal information about anybody and everybody that can come n handy.  A soldier misconstrues his mission as loyalty to country rather than president, there is always something, a married man’s girlfriend.
That very odd deduction on his income tax, the child he never mentioned. If there isn’t anything, , creativity and repetition work just as well.

God bless the geniuses who taught children to not think and what to believe. Of course they could have done a better job if the campaign had been coordinated consist and identical across the country. But Common core will solve that.  A generation from now, the emperor, oops president will have an easier job.

What was that thing he swore to defend when they crowned him? Ah yes, the constitution, The closest thing to a bible Americans have. Reading it he found it to be dangerous and incompatible with his goals and in best diaper baby tradition, began eliminate them slowly imperceptibly, with slogans, new words, old words with new meanings repeated, until accepted. When the new normal is taken for granted and the time is ripe for unveiling.

He deserves kudos for accomplishing what less than a decade ago people would have thought impossible - breaking every amendment in the bill of rights. Free speech went out with political correctness, free press is beyond comprehension, and freedom of religion, is available only to Muslims. The press have no desire to be free and besides big brother is watching. 

Guns are still legal, but a campaign against cookies shaped like guns, lone armed terrorists, arrests (even in Texas), those little armies he gave to to the department of agriculture, and the bureau tobacco and firearms are handy. True brilliance was the way he shifted the definition of terrorist, from Muslim jihadist to the lone American citizen terrorist. 

National security is such a wonderful word. Once a national security problem is declared despicable actions can legally be secret  National security gives homeland security and all sorts of others the right to stop and detain anyone with no reason or due process, National security, gives him a way to disappear people, charge them, torture them -- no phone calls, no reading rights, no judge. National security gives him the right no obligation to put the military in charge of American cities when there was no war, to search houses without a warrant. In case you thought there was any hope check this out on the internet while you are still allowed to use it. You and most Americans are in a constitution free zone, so for most of you these supposed rights don’t apply anywhere.

He’s not an idiot, mind you. He expects and even wants people to get angry when they learn about intrusions into lives --   like the IRS is after his enemies and it pays to not be one of them. People should be furious. But then time passes,. The world series is more interesting, and they forget and without realizing accept.  They get angry when their insurance disappears (especially if they have deadly diseases) when the healthcare website doesn’t work, when they find out how expensive affordability can be, and that’s  just the beginning. Strange isn’t it, the one thing they aren’t complaining about is that the power of  life and death is now in the hands of the IRS.

Stop fighting the inevitable. Do you see any hunger strikes in Washington People are dying for lack of  cancer treatments ; they have nothing to lose but they aren’t the threat they could be if they launched hunger strikes in Washington and other places.  He knows they won’t. They sink even lower; reality changed again; depression and powerlessness  replaced hope. Face it; your fate is no better. Enjoy the moment. Stop thinking. Accept the inevitable. Resistance is futile.

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