Saturday, November 23, 2013

Obamacare is Racist

[from a conversation I had in the park]

  It’s true and this ain’t no republican plot. So he’s black so what. Must be his white half is doing it. or maybe he’s a pimp who shits on his own people.

He ain’t never been on welfare. If he was,  he wouldn’t be no president. Six feet under more likely. Especially, seeing as how he done drugs and lived on the streets
in the NYC. God forbid a rat bit him back then and they took him to a hospital, even back then when doctors got more than 29 cents on the dollar. For people on medicaid, infections go out of control. Today, even before this law,  Medicaid folks die twice as much as people with regular insurance. In hospitals.

And which race gets medicaid more than any other. African Americans. That card they give you don’t mean shit, cause there’s precious few doctors who are gonna take it. If you’re one of them new medicaid people, and think you’re lucky cause you don’t need to pay no more, think again. You ain’t gonna have no regular doctor, cause they won’t take medicaid. Are you that dumb? you think if it was worth anything the government would be giving ti to you free?

It’s sure isn’t like they say on TV. If you get sick. I mean real sick, what you gonna do. Call your doctor that you don’t have. Try going to clinic. Maybe you’ll get lucky and die in the waiting room and they can pay to handle your body.

Before you check out, look around you. How many white people do you see?  Next year you’re gonna to see a lot more African Americans, cause the kids can’t find no jobs and even those that have ‘em lost their health insurance.  You got your insurance card but that don’t mean you can see a doctor. Do you have ANY IDEA how many extra people the geniuses who invented this scam are dumping into medicaid in NY. Get this -- any family with less than $30,000 and that’s just on the books money. Now that’s a lot of people. A lot of white people. First I got a little happy seeing as how they would get the same “free” health care I been getting, but then I got scared.

Who do you think them white doctors are going to see first, when there are so many people waiting at the door, he could work a month and  not clear the waiting room? The white folks of course. But it don’t matter, You can’t get worse help than this and insurance ain’t health. I’m gonna give you some advice now, so pay attention. Take Me, I’m too old to make riots. My diabetes stole my eyesite, I kind of wobble when I walk, my feet swell and I need to get dialysis, But think of all them young men who are gonna be here, with no jobs to go to, time on their hands a plenty. They’re gonna get MAD real MAD and they might just start one riot and then another... I ain’t gonna be no slave again, not to some honky redneck and not to some black pimp who wouldn’t see the truth the Good Lord knocked him over the head with it. =

It isn’t too late to stop this law cause it’s racist and white folks in the government won;t have nobody calling them that. If you mess with a black person you could go to jail like that Spanish guy almost did.  It’s the law of the land. Better watch what you say, what you do.

Now how would it look if the first black president made a law against his own, in the light of day? If a black prsdent pushed a law through that  will surely kill more of his own  than any lynch mob ever did, how would that look? Obamacare has to die. NOW,

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