Sunday, December 1, 2013

How NOT to talk: what you say becomes what you believe

    Think before you adopt liberal language. Language is a powerful tool that will change your beliefs when used repeatedly. This happens without your knowledge.

    Language defines what can exist and what can’t. The phrase white supremacist is common. The phrase black supremacist is not and is not a phrase that even a conservative would use. It has been defined our of existence by language. A conservative will argue that a group of people targeted as white supremacist are not white supremacists. Note his weakened position”as he is is on the defensive. To target black supremacists or racists is to take the offensive, push the langage in the direction of equality. The phrase Muslim supremacist, if used, would provoke anger, perhaps violence and arrest.

   Learn to spot language bias and use language as a tool to advance and not weaken your political views. For example:

• If you think they are illegal aliens don’t call  them undocumented immigrants.

• If you think it’’s infanticide don’t call it fourth trimester abortion

• If you think its murder don’t call it assisted suicide

• If you think they are terrorists don’t call them freedom fighters or activists

• If you think the muslim religion is a fascist system that robs people of all control through any means possible including lying and killing, don’t call it a religion of peace.

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