Thursday, December 12, 2013

On what we can do about it

Can the wave of dissatisfaction, frustration & anger in this country translate into action.
There are a few excellent think tanks [Cato Institute, Heritage]  a multitude of blogs, radio shows, congressmen and senators taking a stand in public in the legislature, bumper stickers, rap songs.. We have a long way to go.

We have allowed the left to turn American education system into socialist ideological training. College campuses have become very expensive socialist indoctrination camps. Critical thinking has been replaced by social indoctrination that aims to overturn our way of life--  capitalism, individualism and the right to pursue happiness are replaced with government mandated paternalism marketed as outcome equality.

Those of us who stand by liberty have failed to communicate an alternative that the American people can embrace as an ideal. Individualism and liberty have an almost quaint sound these days. A few scholars -- Milton Freidman, Ayn Rand-- speak about free market capitalism and the cost of government. To the average person this means nothing,  We haven’t communicated the high economic and costs of regulation that go way beyond their budgets, that strangulate economic prosperity, then job market, and the quality of our lives.  are causing and know there is a better way worth fighting for,

Obama and democreats are able to say over and over agaib that we offer no alternative to Obamacare because we haven't put one single simple alternative out there. Proposals made by a few people, by the Cato or Heritage foundations don't exist, not to the average person who would have to SEE what it would be like Imagine a website, that looked like the ACA site and lead people to different options, that do not exist, that could exist, and that are simple.  We do not have the organized ‘machine’ that our opponents have, know about but have no game plan to combat voter fraud. We may very well have lost the 2012 election because of this or rather won it. We will never know. Nor will we win the next one unless we fight that battle.

We are paying a high cost for the liberal university takeover. I checked my own field before writing this [psychology]  and was aghast. A growing research field in social psychology is scientifically documenting differences between liberals and conservatives, to prove that republicans are inferior. According to peer reviewed papers published in journals, conservatives are more fearful, less receptive to new ideas, and less tolerant. Even the structure of the brain of democrats and republicans are different. [ I am not kidding)  Economics and all social sciences, humanities, english courses are taught on campuses with an anti-imperialist, anti-conservative bias based on bad but accepted science. I know the biases in these studies but that isn't the point. [ see "Fake science and politics"] A generation of students will believe this nonsense just as they believe carbon dioxide is evil and global warming is science.

Our ideas are better but that does not spell success.

 College in their current form are declining; that gives us an opportunity we haven’t taken advantage of. We could be the Kahn University equivalent of history, government, and economic and a different way to think about  humanities , philosophy, sociology and psychology. There is a younger generation that want to know libertarianism whether or not they can articulate it, that disrespects government. There is also a much better way to speak to Americans than Paul Ryans confused blabberings about sequester deals. Ronald Reagen did it.  No Uber-president,  he went on the air with simple charts that explained what he wanted to do to American people.

The millenials ‘get’ the raw deal they’ve been dealt. They don’t see any other possibility because we haven’t presented it. Conservatives to them are people who are unkind, who do not care about the poor, whose main goal is stopping abortion and shutting down the government. Most don’t pay it much attention to politics anyhow because it isn’t relevant to their lives.

When I was young, I was a committed leftist. I didn't understand or reason. Kids don't do that. I knew this -- the world wasn't good as it was, I shared a vision of a world without war or hunger, love and freedom.  Our "vision" was unrealistic, naive, dogmatic, and ripe for abuse by Stalinists and the Chicago mob. Nevertheless, the committment (however wrong) to the better reality at the end of the tunnel  galvanized a generation and led to social change. Some of the changes have become nightmares. Nightmares, however, can end, when people have a better reality that they can SEE feel and want. The power that fueled change then can be unleashed again

Americans deserve better from us. Young people deserve the opportunity to experience life in a microcosm of free market capitalism in the same way that their grandparents/parents once lived in communes. Listening to libertarian debates is as useful as counting the number of angels who can dance on a pin.  “Who is John Galt” communities (like a kibbutz, but not socialist) could be living market capitalism. If Israel's ventures against poverty  sponsored by the United as a solution to unemployment can succeed in third world counties, Imagine what could happen here? Productivity and innovation are not dead. They have no outlet. And we are the people who can create those social experiments and learn about how free market capitalism. principles and equality co-exist? How would a libertarian community care for poor? What would be expected of them? What common principles would develop? How?

If you are reading thank you for putting up with my stream of consciousness. I will work towards these ends and am getting closer to a n action list.  If you are interest in either joining me or helping me and others do this, contact me.

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