Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On Our Strange Trust in Government

Our enormous trust in government is irrational, bizarre and powerful.

Watch what we do not what we say.

The polls say that trust and faith in government are dropping to ‘dangerous’ levels. But are they?  Despite the fact that government trust numbers are in the toilet, people’s actions tell a different story. Say what you like. you, we, all of us continue against all logic, to look to the government for solutions and protection; we expect politicians to behave honorably and get angry when they don’t, we vote for someone else whose makes promises that sound good, speaks passionately, looks honest , and the cycle repeats itself again and gain.

We expect
     tax collectors to be unbiased   
     politicians and presidents to ot be corrupt
     government agencies (EPA) to keep out country clean
     make sure the food we eat and the drugs we take are safe
     to put the right rules in place to make sure that all of these things are done and to follow these rules

Does hope spring eternal? or are we all idiots? or what?

We don’t trust the people who represent us from the president to state congress,  and we can’t live without then.

If you don’t trust a government  why would you believe its laws, rules, and procedures would protect you.  Nevertheless, without realizing it most people assume the government keeps them safe. If there were no FDA, there would be no way to know drugs were safe. People would die. Without commercial building standards, buildings wouldn’t be unsafe.. We need the police to give out speeding tickets and make the highways safer (even though every study has found this not to be true)  If not for tough gun laws everyone would shoot everyone else and if not for the department of agriculture we would all die of poisoned food. Besides, who would build the roads.

Even when people are disillusioned, when they expect t be cheated, overtaxed and lied to say the words government shutdown and there is major FREAKOUT, blaming. OH MY GOD. If congress doesn’t give the President MORE money the country will go bankrupt, the economy will collapse and the sky will fall, The only thing that prevents the world from descending into complete chaos is that government we don’t trust.

Strange  isn’t it?

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