Thursday, December 5, 2013

On Detroit: Is Rand Paul a genius, are the rest of us idiots of both?

 While the rest of the country throws its hands up in the air, while Detroit with its $1.00 houses marches grimly towards bankruptcy, while Jay Carney tries to field questions from reporters, no longer cheerleaders, ties himself in knots trying to explain why-- Detroit could not fail and now is... Rand Paul,  calmly explains the obvious. 100 trillion dollar bailouts are not needed, and not productive. All the government has to do is let them keep more of there taxes and get out of the way. Investors will figure out the rest because the incentives will be there -- not as payoffs to one business or another but for the entire city.


Duh, it sure does seem obvious once you say it. It’s much cheaper and much easier then bailouts which obviously didn’t work. And I thought I was a libertarian. Have we all somehow accepted taxes, big government as so inevitable, we can’t even think under any assumptions? It looks that way.

Call me naive. Say the Democrats won't go for it because... because... WHY???? other than it was the other party who suggested harm in it. Nobody has put any other ideas on the table and it’s easy to undo, if it doesn’t work. It is not extremely radical, sets no precedents-- an experiment. Say you’re a democrat and it works -- you can take credit for not only the outcome but your unselfish bipartisanship. If it doesn’t work, blame the tea party.

Politics.... (sigh) In that arena Senator Paul was impressive as well.  Hannity fed him many opportunities to ridicule or criticize the President or the Democrats and their policies. He ignore them all and focused on what a senator should and rarely does-- the substance. Yes this would help the republican party but not  anywhere as much as it would help Detroit or, other large cities that are in trouble.

Had this been aired on National news, pundits would be dissecting his sentences, interpreting the non answer and half smile he gave in response to Sean’s question about his running for president. Remember all that stuff they said about Ted Cruz when he bashed Obamacare, or about  Palin and her talk about death panels. Apparently they were both right. They won't get any apologoes but that isn't why they did what they did.

Isn't it hard to believe that we have managed to elect some people who actually care about this country even more than their careers. Weird eh? But give it a think. Could it actually be true?

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